Four Possible Kitchen Layouts For Your New Home

Posted on: 8 July 2019

If you're planning a new home, it's an ideal opportunity to build a kitchen that fulfils your needs and allows you to use the space exactly as you prefer. While several layouts are popular, they all come with distinct advantages. Here are four different designs to consider.


With an efficiency of space, galley kitchens have two opposing walls, each filled with cabinets, appliances and countertops. This arrangement allows for simple movement as the sink, cooktop, fridge and countertops are all convenient and close by. If you love to spend hours cooking special delights, this might be ideal, though it can become cramped with several people using the space. If you like socialising while preparing food, it's probably not the best option.


In L-shaped kitchens, cupboards and benches line two corner walls. This layout is typical in open-plan living spaces, with the kitchen opening on to the general area. While it provides excellent chances for multifunctioning—chatting with family and friends plus preparing food—this style can lack storage and countertop area. A kitchen island offers the perfect solution; it can also function as a bar, with stools providing seating.


In a U-shaped kitchen, the walls filled with cupboards and so on encompass three adjacent walls. Also called horseshoe layouts, these designs offer a generous amount of storage and a food preparation area. You can also install a kitchen island, which will also help to define the space. Typically, these kitchens also unite with an adjacent dining area.


Similarly to a horseshoe layout, a G-shaped design features three walls of appliances and cabinetry, but it also has a peninsula bench that half closes off the kitchen. This additional counter area can function as a bar too. Because you're not taking up central free floor space with an island, this plan usually creates more room to move and less congestion. When mapping this arrangement, make sure the extra cabinetry does not extend too far outwards, so that it impedes traffic flow. 

When considering which style is best for your new home or renovation, bear in mind how you want the kitchen to function. If you enjoy socialising, a raised counter and bar stools are a great idea. If your family and friends like cooking together, create a design where everyone can move and work. Or, if you live in a unit with limited space and like to focus while cooking gourmet feasts, a highly functional galley kitchen could work well. A residential drafting service can help you choose and organise the best space for your needs.