Two reasons to renovate your retail premises

Posted on: 2 June 2017

Renovating your premises can be expensive and time-consuming; however, in the vast majority of cases, the investment of time and money is worth it. Here are two reasons why you might want to consider having your commercial retail space renovated.

To improve your business' reputation

When a potential customer enters your premises, they immediately begin to make assumptions about the type of business you run, and how successful it is, based on the way that it looks.

Things like peeling or cracked paintwork, holes in the plastering, chipped floor tiles and outdated decor will not project an image of success; customers who see this type of damage might even suspect that your business is failing.

Aesthetic problems can also deter potential customers from purchasing your products, as generally speaking, most people do not enjoy browsing for items in a shop that appears neglected or dilapidated.

Given this, if your premises is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be worth having it renovated. Whilst having to temporarily shut down your business whilst the construction work is carried out might be a nuisance, it's important to view the renovation as an investment, which will ultimately help you to attract more customers in the future.

To keep your employees, your customers and your premises safe

Having your premises renovated isn't just about making it look better; it's also about addressing potential hazards which could put your employees and customers at risk of injury.

A fault in your commercial property's electrical system, for example, could significantly increase the risk of a fire breaking out in your premises. Just one small spark from a frayed piece of wiring or a burnt out fuse box could set the space alight and cause irreparable damage in a matter of minutes. If this should occur whilst your shop is open for business, it could also result in your employees and customers sustaining serious injuries.

Given this, if you have noticed signs of electrical problems, such as burning smells coming from the plug sockets, buzzing sounds coming from the lights, or a constantly-tripping fuse box, it might be worth getting in touch with a group of commercial electrical contractors in your local area and inquiring about having your premises re-wired.

Structural issues can be equally dangerous; problems with wet rot (a type of fungus which attacks wood) in the building's timber framework, for example, could weaken it to such an extent that it could eventually collapse. Should this happen during business hours, somebody could be crushed by the falling debris. As such, if you are concerned about the structural soundness of your premises, you should get in touch with a contractor and have them assess the condition of the framework, and determine whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced.