• Essential Considerations for Newbie Contractors During Land Subdivision

    Land subdivision for whatever purpose is a lucrative business, especially in light of increasing urban population that is demanding more housing. New contractors in Australia seeking to extract more value from their projects can subdivide a property into prime plots for development and onward sale to customers. However, a land subdivision is not a simple copy-and-paste activity but a complex undertaking that is governed by strict laws and city ordinances. Despite the complexity, observance of a few issues is enough to guide small-time contractors into the profitable real estate business.
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  • 4 Tips for Choosing a Timber Roof Truss Supplier

    Most construction projects in Australia adopt the use of timber roof trusses due to their superior advantages over other types. Whether you are using them for commercial, residential or industrial construction, timber roof trusses offer excellent flexibility during plan layout. The quality of your roof trusses is of paramount importance, and this is the main reason why you need to find a reputable supplier. When sourcing for the right timber roof trusses for your building project, consider these tips to find the right supplier.
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