Considerations with Residential Tennis Court Construction

Posted on: 6 June 2017

There is a misconception that you can create a residential tennis court with just some level land and a net. The truth is that a court like that would be ideal for figuring out if you want a full tennis court and if you would actually use it often enough to justify construction. If you have decided that you would use it often enough or that your children who are taking lessons would benefit from it, then you may need to consider hiring a tennis court builder. Here are some considerations to take before hiring the contractor.

Zoning in Your Area

Though zoning is usually left up to your contractor, you still don't want to plan out everything and find that you can't have your tennis court because of zoning issues. The ideal step to take is to draw out the placement of your tennis court and anything you want added to the court area. You may find that it is not the court that is the problem, but lighting or other issues that could be zoned out of a residential area. Make sure all of these aspects are listed so that you are better prepared for the consultation with the zoning committee in order to gain approval.

Lighting and Court Accessories

There are considerations about the use of the court that you need to think about before the consultation for zoning or construction. One of those is lighting. If you will be using the court at night or early evening, then lighting will likely be a must. In addition to considering lighting, you will need to consider the placement of that lighting. For example, you may want to have the lighting attached to fencing around the tennis court. This means you will need the court contractor as well as a fencing contractor and lighting contractor to place the lights on the fence safely. You also need to consider if you want any other court accessories.

Foundation Material

You may think you only need to decide whether your tennis court will have grass or artificial turf as the foundation of the court. The truth is, there are several foundation materials to choose from, including specialty options. These options may include clay, concrete, asphalt and rubberized options. You will also need to consider whether you want to have a special coating placed on the foundation or surface. These can be waterproof seals, no-skid seals, and slip-proof seals as well.

Residential tennis court construction is not a small endeavor. However, with the right planning and keeping these considerations in mind, you will be better prepared for the first consultation with your contractor.