Three Extra Services to Consider When Working With Private Certifiers

Posted on: 12 June 2017

For many construction projects, you are required to get a construction certificate. Generally, you can obtain that from your municipal council or from a private certifier. If you want a full range of services, you may want to work with a private certifier. Here's what to look for when choosing certifiers.

1. Combined Development Consent and Construction Certification

If you need a construction certificate, you also usually need development consent. Obtaining these approvals one at a time on your own can be time consuming, but if you work with a company who can do both approvals at once for you, that can save you both time and effort.

Part of the construction certificate verifies that the building plans are consistent with the information in the development proposal. When a single company works on both documents for you, those professionals are well versed in your development proposal, and that makes reviewing the information for the construction certificate faster and easier.

2. Building Code Reports

Ideally, depending on the stage of your project, you may want to look for certifiers who offer building code reports. Your plans need to be compliant with international as well as local building codes.

If you handle this process on your own and apply through a municipal council, your plans will be rejected if they don't meet all the right codes. Then, you will have to redo your plans, adjust and re-apply for certification.

In contrast, if you work with a private certifiers, you can start the process with building code reports. The certifier can look over your project and generate the reports you need. Then, you can modify your project as needed for compliance. Finally, when you are compliant and assured of passing the certification process, the private certifier can complete the certification. Ultimately, that's more efficient for most companies.

3. Project Management Services

Pulling all of the above details together can be tricky, and it can help to have a project manager on your side. Many certifiers also offer project management services. That can be a helpful way to streamline your processes.

In contrast, if you work with one company for project management and another for certification services, those companies will have to do a lot of communicating. That can result in more billed hours and potentially increased miscommunication. When everything happens at one firm, it can be more efficient in the long run.

To learn more about how private certifiers can help your project in multiple ways, contact a certifier today.