Outstanding Ways That Protective Coatings Will Enhance Your Concrete Flooring

Posted on: 19 June 2017

With the inherent durability that concrete provides, it is no surprise that it remains an attractive flooring solution for residential properties, despite initially being a commercial staple. Nevertheless, concrete is not known for its aesthetic appeal. Thus, it is usually installed in heavy usage areas that require practicality rather than visual appeal, for example,  garage flooring, exterior walkways and more. Moreover, since concrete is highly durable, property owners do not give it much attention in regards to maintenance. In reality, without protecting your concrete, it will end up disintegrating much faster than it should. The following are some of the outstanding ways that protective coatings will benefit your concrete flooring.

Protective coatings will prevent UV degradation

If you have your concrete flooring installed outdoors, you should bear in mind that prolonged exposure to the sun will eventually lead to damages on the surface of the flooring. The direct exposure to ultraviolet rays eventually causes the concrete to crumble, which would impede on its structural integrity. Additionally, direct heat exposure can cause the concrete to crack as it expands, and this will increase the frequency of concrete crack repairs. It would be prudent to invest in a protective coating to prevent these structural damages from happening. Coatings such as epoxy are ultraviolet resistant, which would ensure that the sun does not compromise your concrete flooring.

Protective coatings will provide traction

Another reason why you should have your contractors regular seal your concrete with a protective layer is to improve the traction of the flooring. Traction is particularly essential if your concrete flooring is exposed to wetness on a regular basis, such as by the swimming pool. Traction is also important for driveways to prevent unnecessary slips and falls during the wetter seasons.

Protective coatings will boost the aesthetics of your home

In years past, when people would think of concrete they would associate with bland building supplies that only come in the colour grey. However, technological advancements have made concrete a front-runner when looking or flooring that would make a statement as its appeal can now be enhanced through the use of protective coatings. Some coatings allow for the use of pigment, which enables you to flex your creative muscles when creating patterns and designs on your concrete. On the other hand, protective coatings such as epoxy will lend a glossy shine to your concrete flooring, making it ideal or living spaces. Epoxy coatings also have the ability to reflect light, which would make your space well illuminated.