Reasons Waterproofing Is Essential During Concrete Construction

Posted on: 19 June 2017

The construction of a property can be a costly project. As a result, you may find some property owners looking to cut corners in some aspects of the project in an attempt to keep their costs down. One area that may be overlooked is waterproofing the entire structure as you assume only the wet rooms require this feature. In reality, your entire structure will need waterproofing. Moreover, if it is done improperly, there will be an increased risk of damage to your property, which would only incur you additional costs. Therefore, what are some of the reasons why waterproofing is essential during concrete construction?

Concrete waterproofing will enhance the strength of your structure

Waterproofing membranes may seem flimsy when compared to other building materials, but they play a crucial role in keeping your concrete structure as sturdy as possible. Waterproofing is prudent in areas such as the basement and the foundation as this will function to prevent the risk of water ingress. Nevertheless, these are not the only areas that water can breach your property. Ceilings, floors and walls are also at risk of undetected leaks, which would cause the gradual disintegration of your property. It would be essential to have the entire property adequately waterproofed to prevent the development of corrosion, rust and other forms of deterioration in your structure.

Concrete waterproofing decreases the risk of mould

Mould and mildew tend to be the most common health hazards in properties. As moisture builds up within your walls, in between floors and beneath your roofing, the structure steadily becomes a prime breeding ground for these fungi. Unfortunately, if you are not aware that there is moisture collecting in your premises, you become at risk for a host of respiratory problems, aggravated allergies and even weakening of the immune systems of your loved ones. Not to mention that mould abatement services are also considerably expensive. Thorough waterproofing of the residence will decrease these risks.

Concrete waterproofing keeps your maintenance costs down

Household maintenance costs can be exorbitant if you are not taking measures to enhance the lifespan of your building materials. Other than chipping and cracking of your concrete, prolonged exposure to moisture can eventually cause concrete cancer in your property. This structural defect ultimately compromises the stability of the concrete, and you would have to contemplate reconstructing parts of your home anew. Waterproofing would provide you with a cost effective way to prevent these permanent water damages from occurring.