How to Care for UPVC Window Frames

Posted on: 23 June 2017

UPVC window frames make a popular alternative to wood or other materials. They're less prone to certain problems than some other options are, but that's not to say you can completely abandon them and expect them to maintain a good condition.

Luckily, UPVC is relatively easy to keep looking good as long as you give it a bit of attention every now and again. And if your windows have been neglected and need a bit of work to bring them back to their best, it won't take you too much time or effort.

Running regular maintenance 

UPVC is fairly durable, but it can be damaged if you're not careful with how you treat it. Because of this, it's recommended that you only use a soft cloth when you're cleaning it, and a plain white one so you don't get dye on the surface. Avoid brushes or rough, abrasive sponges, and most definitely don't ever use wire wool or anything that's extremely rough and intended for scouring.

Generally, all you need to keep UPVC window frames clean is some ordinary dish washing liquid. Mix it with warm water in the same ratio you'd use to clean a sink full of dishes, and gently wipe over your window frames. Once you've done that, wipe over a second time with a cloth just soaked in clean water to remove any residual soap.

It's best not to use any strong, harsh cleaning chemicals, as they can damage or leave marks on UPVC. Stick to washing up liquid, as it will do the job just fine and you probably already have it.

Repeat the cleaning as often as you want to keep your windows looking beautiful.

Restoring UPVC

If you haven't cleaned your window frames for some time, you might find that they've developed stains, mildew or other problems that don't go away during regular cleaning.

For this, you might need to use a cleaning product specifically designed for UPVC. These are stronger, but they won't damage your window frames. However, take care with the seal around the edge of the glass, as they might cause damage to this.

If you can't get hold of PVC cleaner, try one of the branded cream cleaning products, but again, take care where you use it.

Once you've removed the stubborn stains, carry on with the regular cleaning routine using just washing up liquid. Don't use strong cleaning products regularly, or they can cause damage in the long term.