Why It May Be Hard for Intruders to Reset Your Combination Lock

Posted on: 29 June 2017

Different kinds of locks offer different levels of security from intruders. Combination locks are a good choice because an intruder can find it very hard to reset the lock's code while you are away. This article discusses some of the factors that make it hard for intruders to reset these locks and get into your house.

A Reset Tool Is Required

Each combination lock is usually made with a unique reset tool that an owner can use to reset that lock in case he or she loses or forgets the code that had been programmed into that lock. The special tool moves the wheels inside the lock as you create a new code. It is very hard for an intruder to get access to that reset tool in order to use it while you are away.

The Door Has to Be Open

Another reason why it is hard for a burglar to reset the code of the combination lock is that the door can only be reset when it is open. Thus, it would be rare for you to leave the lock open so that the intruder can reset it. Why would an intruder reset a lock that is already open?

Locksmiths Are Strict

It is also hard for an intruder to hoodwink a locksmith into opening the combination lock while you are away. This is because locksmiths normally ask for proof of identify and address before they get to work on a lock whose code has been lost. These measures increase the likelihood that the potential intruder will be thwarted.

Manufacturers Take A While

Some combination locks can be reset by their manufacturers. However, this process can take several weeks because the homeowner has to submit a form by mail before the reset process can begin. Many manufacturers also take the added precaution of using the registered address of the client when sending the reset code. It will therefore be hard for an intruder to go through all the trouble of taking control of the communication channels in order to illegally change the codes of your locks.

As you can see, the same difficulties that an intruder can go through to reset your combination lock are the same challenges that you will have to face in case you forget the code that opens the lock. Avoid that hassle by noting down that code in a hidden place, such as on a paper that you keep in your office safe, so that you can access it when the need arises. Contact a commercial locksmith for help in case you find yourself stuck after forgetting that code.