Questions to Ask About a New Home Plan

Posted on: 27 October 2017

Having a home built for you rather than buying one that's on the market can have many advantages, and you may also simply prefer to have a home that no one else has ever lived in, as it makes the home uniquely your own. When working with a builder and considering home designs, note a few questions you might have so you know what to discuss with him or her and what to expect throughout the construction process.

Can modifications be done to a home plan?

If your builder has a few home plans from which to choose, you can usually have those plans modified to suit your taste, but note a few limitations to keep in mind. One is that the home must comply with all zoning restrictions; this can affect the home's overall size and footprint and certain features, such the roof and windows.

Another consideration is that some modifications may be made free of charge, but others may require an extensive overhaul of those plans, and making those changes might be costly for you. As an example, your builder may freely change the type of kitchen cabinets that are included, but changing the floor plan of the kitchen can mean having to reconfigure wiring and plumbing, so it may be a costly fix. Don't assume plans can't be changed, but note that not all changes can be made easily or free of charge.

Can construction start once plans are chosen?

Each area will have different requirements for the permits needed for construction; you or your builder may submit plans to the city or county, but you may be asked for more information after that. The length of time it takes before your builder gets the permits needed will then vary according to your site's location.

Why are some plans more expensive if the houses are generally the same size?

Some home designers will offer a range of plans for homes that are relatively the same size, but the plans may vary in the options and features offered, and this can affect the price of the plans and the home. For example, if the home has extensive wiring that will support a theatre and other such upgraded electronics, this may take more work to add that wiring configuration to the plans. It may take more work and skill to add those details to a home plan, and the materials themselves may be more expensive, so your overall costs will be higher than those for a different home of the same size.