Four Facts You Need to Know About Building a Custom Home

Posted on: 1 December 2017

Buying a custom house offers a number of advantages compared to buying a pre-existing home, but if you've never worked with a custom home builder, you may be wondering about the process. Here are some points to consider before you contact a builder.

1. You Can Choose a Plan or Design Your Own

Many custom home builders have a variety of plans available. You can often look through the options on their website, go to their office to see a stack of plans or even walk through model homes to get an idea of what's available. Alternatively, you can work with the custom builder to create a plan from scratch. Many builders are willing to let you take ideas from your current house and mesh those with concepts from their plans or other homes you like. 

2. You Get to Choose Big and Little Details

When working with a custom home builder, you don't just get to choose your plan. You also get to customise a lot of little details. For instance, you choose the flooring, the wall colours, the appliances and the cabinets. On top of that, you get to make even more granular decisions such as cabinet pulls and light fixtures. Remember, a custom home can be completely how you want it.

3. You Don't Have to Compromise

Because of the flexibility with the plans, you don't have to compromise. That is the beauty of working with a custom home builder. Budget permitting, you can get exactly what you want. Generally, when you buy a pre-existing home, you end up sacrificing something, or even if most things are perfect, you have to forgo something on your list. With custom homes, that's not an issue.

4. You Can Build on a Range of Lots

With some custom builders, you work with a developer who has lots picked up in a certain area. However, that isn't the only option. If you like your current spot, you can tear down your home and build a new one. If you find a lot in another area that you like, you can buy that lot. Even if it has a house on it, you can do a teardown and rebuild. Just make sure your custom builder is willing to work with that lot. Easements and building rules vary from area to area.

To learn more about the process or to get started, contact a custom builder directly. They can let you know more about the options and possibilities.