Tips for Selecting High Quality Marine Transport Services

Posted on: 1 March 2018

When dealing with marine equipment on land, you need a service provider who is capable of safely handling and transporting these machines. Boats, skis and other aquatic equipment often require special processes that will not damage the equipment during transportation. This is even more important when transporting the equipment across long distances, such as during interstate transportation.

To ensure that your marine equipment is handled safely, it is important to work with quality marine transport service providers. But what should you consider when selecting a marine transport service?

Accurate quotes

A top concern for anyone transporting marine equipment is how much it will cost. It is important for your marine service to provide accurate and detailed quotes for the services that you need.

A quote should include the transportation cost per kilometre, service fees, and other expenses associated with the transportation service. There should be no significant discrepancies between the quote and what you will end up paying.

Competitive pricing options for interstate transportation

While marine transport is a more intricate process than transporting other types of equipment, the cost should not be astronomical. Make sure you shop around and compare various prices before you settle on a transportation company. In addition, take some time to assess the quality of services being provided against the price that the company is charging. Obtaining the value for money should be your top concern.

Ability to handle multiple types of vessels

A marine transport that can handle boats, jet skis, pontoons and other types of water vessels is more likely to be familiar with multiple marine equipment and how it can be safely transported. Confirm with the company if they are capable of handling your specific machines and whether they have worked with similar items before.

In some cases, it helps to work with a company that specialises in a specific type of marine equipment, such as boats of a specific size or jet skis.


Because the marine equipment is expensive, it is important to have it properly insured before transport. Road transportation is not 100% safe, and an accident can result in damages to your equipment.

Any reputable marine transport company will provide insurance coverage for your equipment during transport. Coverage options range from partial to comprehensive policies that cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Door to door delivery options

A quality marine transport service should offer the flexibility of choosing between door-to-door delivery and dock delivery options. This means that you can decide to have your boat brought all the day to your doorstep or to your local depot where it will be ready for use in the nearest water body.