How adding insulation to your automated garage doors increases energy efficiency

Posted on: 30 April 2018

Automated garage doors are the epitome of convenience for many homeowners. They provide flexibility for you to control garage access without physically opening/closing the door yourself. You can also control access from remote locations through mobile applications and sensors that are tied to the operation of the door.

To take your automated doors one step further, consider adding insulation to the garage door material. Insulation involves sealing any open spaces that may be present between the door and the surrounding wall, as well as strengthening the door itself to prevent air from leaking through.

With an insulated automatic door, you can achieve higher energy efficiency in the entire home. Here are other benefits that are tied to an energy efficient and automated garage door.

Insulation adds durability

Insulating a garage door also makes it more durable. Indeed, you will find that the extra strength of your doors makes them able to withstand constant use from cars, children, and outside equipment. Due to the convenient operation of automatic doors, you will find yourself opening and closing your garage more often than before. Adding insulation ensures that the garage door can withstand heavy use.

Insulated doors are also more resistant to scratches and dents. It is not uncommon for an automatic door to accidentally come in contact with other objects from time to time. If the door panels are insulated, minimal damage will be experienced.

Insulation prevents air leaks

Many homeowners don't realise that the garage plays an important role in their overall energy consumption, especially if it is connected to the rest of the home. In addition to sealing house doors and windows, a sealed garage door can prevent leaking air from escaping the home and overworking your HVAC unit.

An insulated garage door can almost double the temperature inside the garage as opposed to outside the home. Coupled with an automatic operation that improves control, you can save significantly on your utility consumption.

Insulation reduces noise pollution

Insulated garage door panels are typically reinforced with a sturdy frame that also doubles up as a noise dampening material. The better a garage door is insulated, the less noise will leak in and out of the garage. This makes the home more peaceful, especially if you live in an active neighbourhood.

Moreover, the constant vibrations from the door panels as they open are essentially eliminated with insulated doors. You can use your remote control to operate your automated doors late at night without waking anyone up.

Insulation adds protection

The sturdier frames of insulated garage doors keep the home safe from potential security concerns. To add proper insulation, most doors are fitted with a steel or aluminium frame that is buffered with additional steel panels placed in-between. Once the door is closed, it is very difficult for anyone to break through.

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