Two tips to keep in mind during marine berthing construction projects

Posted on: 4 June 2018

If you will be carrying out a marine berthing construction project in the near future, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

Make sure that unused construction materials and equipment are kept away from the water

It is extremely important to ensure that the construction materials that have not yet been used are stored in a safe area, at least a few metres away from the water's edge.

The reason for this is as follows; if expensive materials and equipment are left close to the water on a windy day, a strong gust of wind or a large wave could sweep these items into the sea.

In this situation, it could be extremely difficult to retrieve these goods. Labourers who attempt to do so could end up endangering themselves (particularly if there is a strong undercurrent or if they are not a good swimmer) and would most likely be unsuccessful in their efforts.

If the materials and the equipment that you needed for the construction of the marine berth are lost in this manner, you may then have to potentially spend thousands of dollars replacing them. Furthermore, it could take weeks for the replacement items to arrive; this could lead to lengthy and very costly delays.

Encourage labourers to protect their skin from the sun

It is essential to encourage all of your labourers to protect their skin from the sun (by, for example, regularly reapplying waterproof sunscreen and by covering up their skin as much as possible).

The reason for this is as follows: Labourers who are tasked with working on floating platforms or by the edge of the water during the construction of a marine berth will have a much greater risk of being severely sunburnt than labourers who work on construction sites located on dry land, as the sunlight will reflect off the water and in doing so, increase these individuals' exposure to UV rays.

If several labourers sustain severe sunburns during the course of their work and, as a result of this, need to leave the site so that they can seek medical attention, your project could grind to a halt until they have fully recovered or until you are able to recruit new workers. This could significantly extend the length of the construction project. 

As such, it is sensible to encourage and remind your construction crew to take precautions to avoid getting sunburnt.