Need Foundation Work? Consider the Advantages of Helical Piles

Posted on: 10 October 2018

In years past, helical piles were the go-to solution for both lighthouses as well as moorings. In recent years, this form of foundation stabilisation has been adopted for both commercial and residential structures. And this is not without reason. As construction contractors have learned the advantages of these structures, they have become one of the more popular solutions for buildings that need foundation work. The following piece highlights just a few of the advantages that helical piles will accord you when you need foundation work.

Helical piles work in spaces with limited access

Foundation work can need a substantial amount of space to be performed. However, not all residential and commercial owners have spacious lots to carry out this repair. If you have this conundrum, then piling will be an excellent solution to your problem. The helical piles can be sized to suit your specific property, which means they will have better access to your foundation. Furthermore, the contractors will be equipped with the right machinery to install these piles with ease.

Helical piles are time efficient

Concrete, granted, is one of the most common supplies employed for foundation work and repair. Nevertheless, concrete need a significant amount of time to cure. Thus, you may not get to use your property for a while as your foundation work cures. Helical piles, on the other hand, do not need time to solidify. As long as your ground conditions have been determined, the helical piles will be designed to suit the individual environment.

So, if your foundation project is time sensitive, helical piles will be the best option. Not to mention that the hassle-free installation of the helical piles saves on labour costs too! Furthermore, just as helical piles are easy to install, they are also simple to extract. Moreover, they are recyclable too, which makes them an eco-friendly alternative.

Helical piles minimise land degradation

If your property is being utilised for additional purposes other than shelter, for instance, if there are walkways or exterior space, then you need to be conscious about the degree of degradation that will occur when engaging in foundation repair. Unlike underpinning, helical piles have minimal impact on the proximal space. Not only are the helical piles installed with minimally invasive equipment, but their installation also does not constitute significant vibration to the ground. Hence, adjacent pathways or additional structures will not be disrupted. Therefore, if you do not want your property in disarray, you should opt for helical piling.

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