A Guide To 3 Of The Most Popular Australian Turf Varieties

Posted on: 14 February 2019

Lawns are a much-loved institution of the Australian backyard. They're beautiful, functional and help to create a soft, green oasis for family activities and outdoor activities. If you're planning a new lawn, then it's highly likely that you're opting to use a pre-grown turf variety over the laborious and often frustrating process of growing a lawn from seed.

With so many varieties of turf now available to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will be best for your lawn. Here is a guide to three of the most popular turf varieties that are all designed to suit the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

1. Buffalo grass

Buffalo grass has been used for many decades. It's a tough, low-maintenance grass that provides a lush, dense lawn. In the past, Buffalo grass was sometimes rejected by homeowners because of its scratchy, unpleasant blades. However, some modern varieties have addressed this issue and are much softer and pleasant underfoot.

Modern Buffalo grass has also been improved upon in other attributes. Certain varieties are also more drought tolerant, grow better in shaded areas and are more resistant to wear and tear than older varieties of this grass.

2. Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu turf is another very popular turf variety for use as backyard lawns. It's a beautiful bright green in colour and has medium-sized blades that are soft and cushiony to walk on. Kikuyu grass is also ideal for lawns that get heavy usage because it's a quick-growing lawn that recovers quickly from damage.

Because of its rapid growth, Kikuyu grass does require more mowing than other slow-growing turf varieties. It can also be invasive if it's not kept in check, so solid borders around your garden beds are necessary to keep Kikuyu grass from invading them.

3. Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass is a relatively new addition to the range of turf varieties in Australia, but it is fast becoming one of the top choices. It is the dream lawn for a lazy or very busy gardener because it's incredibly low maintenance. It's slow growing, heat tolerant, drought tolerant and requires very little fertilisation.

One of the few downsides to Zoysia grass is that it isn't as hardy as other turf varieties. If you have children or pets who will put your new lawn through its paces, Zoysia grass may not be the best option because damage and patches are slow to recover.