Five Reasons to Build Your Own Home

Posted on: 18 June 2019

Most homeowners buy their homes, but there is another way of owning your own property: building it from scratch. Although this may seem like a far more intensive process, there are in fact many advantages to building your own home.

Creative control

When you buy a house, you are effectively moving into a property that was built for someone else. By building your own home, you ensure that every last corner of it was built to your own specifications. The house's rooms will be designed around your family and will take any future additions and changes into account. The decor will be entirely fitted to your own tastes. And every day, you will wake up in a home that you know is perfect for you.

Environmental considerations

When you move into a house, you are inheriting a set of environmental issues that may not be appropriate to the present day. A new build can incorporate energy-efficient insulation, natural ventilation, solar energy, grey water systems and a host of other measures designed to minimise the cost to the environment and your wallet.


A new build can be cheaper than buying a home. The exact difference will depend on the project and on the cost of the land in particular, but considerable savings can be made. In addition, you will not have to pay stamp duty on your home, and you may be eligible for grants towards the project. There are also tax benefits in claiming depreciation on the property, although you should take professional advice if using the property as an investment.


Although building a home can be a lengthy process, so can buying one. Searching for a suitable property, visiting auctions and negotiating with agents can all be exhausting and stressful processes. And of course, once you have bought the property, you will probably need time for redecoration and even renovation and repair. With a new build, once you have agreed on the plans, you can sit back and let your home builders take on the project.


Finally, you will be protected by a warranty, which will protect you if the work is not carried out to a high enough quality. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to get on with life in your new home.

Although building a home isn't for everyone, it can be a rewarding process — both personally and financially.