Why a Bulldozer Is Perfect for Your Major Construction Job

Posted on: 8 July 2019

If you have a large-scale construction project ahead, then you will first need to get the land ready for excavation. You may have to clear a lot of debris or existing improvement before you begin and will need to bring in the right type of equipment for the job. In terms of all-round flexibility and suitability for the purpose, you probably need to consider a bulldozer. Why is this equipment ideal in your case?

Suitably Equipped

A bulldozer is designed to move large quantities of material and to prepare the ground for extraction. It is a large piece of equipment and is typically mounted on tracks so that it can work in even the worst of conditions. Remember, the equipment is very heavy and could sink into softer ground without this type of track system in place, but once suitably equipped, it can tackle slopes or uneven ground effectively.

Blade and Ripper

The dozer may have two different implements, depending on its configuration. The blade is fitted to the front and is the primary tool, but you can also fit a ripper to the back. This device can dig into the ground to loosen and turn any densely compacted material. It looks like a giant claw, and you may choose a single shank set-up or add additional layers for the toughest of job. The ripper will break existing pavement or surface rock into smaller components which will make it easier to collect and remove.

Tools for the Job

A number of different blades are available, depending on the job at hand. If you need to move a lot of rubble from one place to another, then you can attach a universal blade, which has large wings on each side to collect the matter more effectively. On the other hand, if you want to grade the surface once work is complete, then you should configure the dozer with a straight blade instead.

PAT Blades

If your job is particularly difficult, then you can also install a power angled tilt blade. This blade can be manoeuvred from side to side and can be tilted at a variety of different angles through a hydraulic ram. The operator will use a joystick in the cab to get into smaller areas or work with other restrictions, while the vehicle can also be fitted with a four-way or six-way blade, depending on the complexity of the job.

Getting the Right Gear

Talk with your local earthmoving equipment hire company, and tell them about your goals. They will make sure that you get a bulldozer equipped with the right tools.