Do You Need to Deep Clean or Resurface Your Tennis Court?

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Tennis is one of the most popular amateur sports across the country and is sure to be in demand in your area. You may be fully aware of this popularity and have a tennis court or two of your own which seem to be occupied from dawn to dusk. While this may be a great investment for you and you may be perfectly happy with your facility, you will have to make sure that it is well maintained. However, issues can happen over time, and if you're getting to the point where the court is difficult to play on, what do you need to think about?


As the weeks and months go by, it is natural for the surface of the court to degrade to an extent. As it does so, you may notice that the surface becomes more slippery or that pools of water seem to accumulate on the surface. This may lead to moss or algae during the more humid months. All of this is an indication that the surface is not as pure as it once was.

Deep Cleaning

You could certainly choose to deep clean the court if you think that this will help. You may be able to use a power washer on a porous, tarmac base along with treatments to get rid of any algae or moss accumulation. If you're dealing with a synthetic turf base, however, you may need to introduce a special brushing technique or introduce particular products that can rejuvenate the surface and get rid of any contamination.

Bigger Issue

However, cleaning may only go so far if the court has simply worn out. Those pools of water may have been caused by a failure in the surface quality, causing undulation. Over time, this can lead to the development of cracks. Once this happens, the surface will no longer be playable and in fact may be dangerous, so you will need to consider a full resurface.


You will need to bring in a specialist if you want to fully resurface your tennis court, and they will need to take stock of the issues that you are facing and come up with a plan accordingly. The resurfacing work will vary depending on whether the surface is macadam or turf base, and you will have to allow a certain amount of downtime while the work takes place.

Next Move

Get in touch with resurfacing specialists and get them to take a look at your facility as soon as possible. They will advise you whether another deep clean will be of any use or whether you need a full tennis court resurface instead.