Painting Tips for a Children's Bedroom

Posted on: 27 August 2020

If you want to paint your child's bedroom, then you don't just need to choose a colour for the walls. You also need to make sure that you buy the right paint for the job. Ideally, you want a quick solution that lasts a good long while. The following tips will make things easier for you.

Use a Robust Paint

Kids put their own kinds of stresses and strains on paint. Your newly painted walls might have to cope with knocks, bumps and sticky fingers. They may not stay pristine and clean for long.

Some paints don't do so well in a child's bedroom. For example, a flat or matte paint may give you a subtle and clean finish to start with, but your walls may start to look grubby, scratched and scuffed after a while. The problem is, these paints aren't easy to clean so you may have to redecorate the room completely a lot more quickly than you anticipated.

It's better to choose a sturdier paint that can cope with higher traffic and more contact. For example, a silk or satin paint will give your walls a bit of glow so they'll still look good.

However, it's a lot easier to wash or clean these paints when you need to. They are also far less likely to stain in the first place. So, if you end up with fingerprints around the door or scuff marks by your skirting boards, then you should be able to remove these marks to get the walls looking good again.

Use a Quick-Drying Paint

Your child is likely to be excited about a room makeover; they'll want to get in to look or help as soon as they can. This can be tricky if you use a paint that takes hours to dry.

With the best will in the world, your child might touch the paint when it is wet and affect its smooth finish. They could end up with paint smudges on their clothes.

It's a lot easier to use a quick-drying paint in this bedroom. Some paints are touch dry really quickly. So, you won't have to worry about your little helper touching wet paint or getting it all over themselves. They'll also be able to move back into their newly made-over room a lot sooner.

To get a professional and quick job, why not bring in an experienced painter? A local tradie can help you choose the best paint for your child's room and get the job done much more quickly.

Reach out to a local painter today for more information.