The One Outdoor Addition You Do Not Want To Forget On Your New House

Posted on: 19 July 2021

When designing, building and then decorating a new house, you have a thousand things to think about every day, from which companies to work with to where to source your material from, how to keep everything on schedule and everything else a busy new homebuilder has on their plate. It is therefore quite easy to miss out on some of the minor touches that you need to have a fully completed home. While some of these are no big deal and you can organise them as you wish, one, in particular, is vital and needs to be considered immediately: your residential gutter installation.

Why Gutters Are So Important

Gutters should not be an afterthought because they provide an extremely valuable service that is hard to see because almost every house has gutters installed. Without them, rain would pour freely from your roof and run all along the exterior walls of your homes. This would easily eat away at the paint and get into the interior structures in a matter of weeks. Before that even happens, it is likely streams of this water would find their way into windows and any little cracks they can find. Gutters ensure that rainwater from your roof flows to a safe location away from your house.

Why Gutters Need To Be Installed As Early As Possible

Residential gutter installation should be occurring as soon as the roof itself is finished because often, this is done after all the other external parts of your building are complete anyway. If your gutter isn't put on as soon as the roof is finished, then the rain can start affecting the walls of your home, as mentioned above, right away. It doesn't matter if you don't currently live in your home; always arrange for that residential gutter installation to be completed as soon as you can, and make sure that your roofing and gutter contractors follow this timeline.

Consider Other Protective Material As Well

While gutters are the most important addition you need to have on the edge of your roof, you might want to consider adding in a fascia cover as well. Fascia boards are often made of wood and get hit by a lot more rain than most other parts of your walls. Fascia cover installation will leave you with a covering that matches the gutter aesthetic and one that also will prevent any premature damage to an often exposed part of your roof.