Three Ways You Can Make A More Natural Feeling Home With Frameless Glass

Posted on: 22 November 2021

For a long time, the only place in the home glass was used was in the windows. After all, a lot of people saw it as quite fragile. And before modern manufacturing techniques were widespread, this could often be the case. However, modern glass is exceptionally strong and safe to use throughout your house. More and more people are turning to frameless glass as an interesting way to make their homes feel more natural. If you aren't sure how to use glass or are considering going down this avenue but haven't found the right idea, then here are a few to get you started.


A lot of different types of balustrades exist are out there, from wood to metal and everything in between. The problem with a lot of these materials is that they felt very imposing in a space that is often not that big. Frameless glass balustrades make the room in which your stairs come up feel much larger. They also make the staircase feel less cut-off from the rest of the house and more ingrained. While they can be more work to keep clean, they are far and away the best modern choice for balustrades.


Your main bathroom probably has a shower screen of some kind, and it could already be made of glass. However, if it isn't frameless glass, then you are putting up with an inferior product for a few reasons. Firstly, glass shower screens with borders are more likely to attract and grow mould and bacteria in the spaces between the metal frame and the glass. In addition to that, the metal border completely undoes the main feature the glass shower screen provides, which is to make the room feel more open. Frameless shower screens are just as strong as their framed counterparts, just without the negative counterparts.


If you have some decking or just a balcony that you love to sit out on and admire the view, then just think about how much better it would be without an obtrusive fence in front of you. Just like how they work for balustrades, frameless glass can also be used as fencing on your balcony and decking. Many people even use it both in those situations and also as a fence around their pool. You can never have too much frameless glass if you are trying to create a natural-looking home. 

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