Have You Thought About Brick Paving?

Posted on: 14 January 2022

Do you want to install a new driveway for your property? Asphalt and concrete are popular materials for driveway construction, but if you want something more attractive, why not think about using brick paving? While concrete can crack and asphalt lacks visual appeal, brick paving is often highly-attractive. There is nothing that can replicate the elegance and style of brick paving, bringing an incomparable vibrancy to the outside of your home. In addition to the appearance of brick paving, there are many other reasons to consider installing a new brick driveway, here are just three of them.

Easy installation

If you have ever poured concrete, you will know that concrete drives aren't quick to complete. Pouring the concrete may not take too long in good weather, but you still have to wait for the concrete to set. By contrast, brick paving can be laid quickly in almost any weather and used almost immediately. Being able to set a fast, reliable time for completion not only helps with planning but also with budget constraints.

Improved safety

A driveway is somewhere to park your vehicle or to enter or exit your property. Whether you are walking or driving, you will be moving across the surface of the driveway, and you must do so safely. Brick paving is an especially suitable material for driveways because it is skid and slip-resistant. The naturally abrasive surface of the bricks can help a vehicle retain traction and ensure your shoes do not lose grip even in wet conditions. Using brick paving can significantly reduce the risk of an accident and keep everyone safe.

A long-lasting solution

Installing a new driveway should be a rare event. A new driveway must last as you don't want to be investing the time and money needed to replace it every year. When you choose brick paving, you can be confident that it can withstand both extreme weather conditions and heavy loads. A further advantage of brick paving that is not possessed by some alternatives is its natural flexibility. If you install a concrete driveway, it will last for a while. However,  over time there will be natural movement of the ground below the driveway. This movement can often cause a solid concrete surface to crack since the surface is rigid with no flexibility. By contrast, brick paving uses many interlocking individual bricks. This arrangement provides sufficient flexibility for the driveway to move with the ground while remaining a stable surface for vehicles and pedestrians.

If you want brick paving for your driveway, reach out to a contractor near you.