Four Facts You Need to Know About Building a Custom Home

Posted on: 1 December 2017

Buying a custom house offers a number of advantages compared to buying a pre-existing home, but if you've never worked with a custom home builder, you may be wondering about the process. Here are some points to consider before you contact a builder. 1. You Can Choose a Plan or Design Your Own Many custom home builders have a variety of plans available. You can often look through the options on their website, go to their office to see a stack of plans or even walk through model homes to get an idea of what's available.
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Questions to Ask About a New Home Plan

Posted on: 27 October 2017

Having a home built for you rather than buying one that's on the market can have many advantages, and you may also simply prefer to have a home that no one else has ever lived in, as it makes the home uniquely your own. When working with a builder and considering home designs, note a few questions you might have so you know what to discuss with him or her and what to expect throughout the construction process.
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Should You Consider Prefabricated Homes For Your New Home Build?

Posted on: 20 October 2017

A significant number of people tend to associated prefabricated homes with regular trailer homes, but this is a big misconception. The truth of the matter is that the manufacturing technology used to create prefabricated homes makes them outstandingly similar to a conventional home build. In addition to this, prefabricated dwellings also present a range of advantages that you would not get if you chose to embark on building a custom home.
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5 Signs You Shouldn't Approach Home Demolition on Your Own

Posted on: 11 July 2017

If you need to demolish part or all of your home, it may be tempting to do it yourself. After all, who can't grab a sledge hammer and take down a house? It's easy right? Actually, demolition is harder than most people realise. Here are five signs that you shouldn't do your own demolition. 1. You Don't Have Experience This is especially important when it comes to internal demolition. In particular, if you want to open up an area by removing a wall, you need to ensure that you don't remove any load bearing parts.
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